The purpose of Viralgen is to provide access to healing medicines to people with genetic diseases.


Viralgen’s mission is to support its clients from development to the commercial manufacture of gene therapy drugs to ensure they obtain therapeutics of the highest quality, at the right time and at the right scale to meet the needs of their patients worldwide.


To be a world leading organization in the development and production of gene therapies. Viralgen aspires to drive change in how genetic medicines are developed and manufactured, with that change rooted in empathy for patients.



We have chosen to focus on AAV gene therapies, leveraging our historical expertise and through that focus developing deep understanding of the design, quality, manufacture, and supply of these therapies worldwide. To attract both customers and talent to our project.


Honesty and transparency build reliable relationships. We play a critical role for our customers and the privilege of doing so requires us to be trustworthy and accountable partners.

Humanity and empathy

People are at the very essence of the company. Therefore, sensitivity and solidarity define the personality of the brand.

The company’s aspiration – to provide access to curative medicines to people with genetic diseases – is only achieved when Viralgen understands the personal and professional needs of patients, our employees, customers, suppliers, investors and society.

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