Diversity, equality and inclusion

Since its foundation, diversity, equality and inclusion have been essential pillars for Viralgen. They impact all areas of the organization and eloquently express themselves in our recruitment process. At Viralgen, we are strongly committed to creating a more inclusive and diverse corporate culture.

Gender equality is an integral part of Viralgen’s philosophy. The fact that women represent 70% of our staff speaks for itself. Moreover, women constitute 40% of top management and hold more than 70% of leadership positions at the next level of responsibility. These figures are evidence of Viralgen’s unwavering commitment to its values. Notwithstanding, Viralgen remains focused on continuous improvement and the pursuit of excellence.

That is why we have designed an equality plan that includes several actions to guarantee improvements in these areas. One of the goals is to reach a 50:50 ratio in top management to ensure equality in these strategic positions. Another goal is to educate people in matters of equality.

In addition, Viralgen has an inclusive labor program aimed primarily at people with genetic diseases. This program allows them to truly integrate themselves into what is usually an adverse job market. It emerges from Viralgen’s firm belief that society and businesses should be more inclusive. For this reason, we work closely with entities whose expertise in inclusion and the creation of opportunities enables the identification of job positions that enhance the progressive integration of these people.

“Viralgen is strongly committed to equality, inclusion and diversity, which is why we make sure every single person who joins the team aligns with our company values. Moreover—and especially in the light of our current expansion—, our goal is to make sure this growth is meaningful by paying close attention to detail. Thus, we will continue to embrace the culture and values of Viralgen.”

— Kontxi San Juan, Chief Human Resources of Viralgen.

Equity is a core value at Viralgen. It is applied to employees’ wages and complemented with incentive plans and social benefits that help people grow and develop.

Finally, the different actions taken by Viralgen to help those affected by rare and ultra-rare diseases—such as making donations and supporting the foundations—are another way of not only putting into practice but also highlighting our core values of diversity, equity and inclusion.

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