Supporting cures for rare and ultra-rare diseases

Viralgen supplies and provides products for gene therapy research and development with the aim of treating several rare and ultra-rare diseases through Columbus Children’s Foundation and Fundación Columbus.

Currently, preclinical studies are ongoing with the hope of achieving and getting a cure to the clinic.

The current stage of the development of these diseases can be seen on the following diagram:

Columbus Children’s Foundation Executive Director Laura Brod Hameed thanks Viralgen in the media.

“We can’t thank Viralgen enough for their exceptionally generous and valuable contribution. This donation will help us support treatments that have the promise and power to transform the lives of children in need.

Manufacturing often costs millions, and Viralgen’s contribution of capacity will help us with our mission to accelerate treatments for kids who are battling not only a life-threatening disease, but also time.”

"From the Fundación Columbus we are deeply grateful to Viralgen for its social commitment to those who need it most. Thanks to the collaboration between the Fundación Columbus and Viralgen, children suffering from rare diseases have a better opportunity to access gene therapy treatments to improve their quality of life and that of their families."

Fundación Columbus' Trustee, Blanca Garín.

Columbus Children’s Foundation

Our mission is to accelerate access to the most advanced and effective therapies to treat children diagnosed with ultra-rare monogenic neurodegenerative diseases. At Columbus Children's Foundation and Fundación Columbus we are deeply driven by the urgency to improve the quality of life for children with life-threatening illnesses.

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