February 12, 2024

VIRALGEN COMMERCIAL THERAPEUTIC, S.L. has secured vital support from the HAZITEK Business R&D Support Program of the Basque Government-Call 2023. This collaborative initiative, backed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), is poised to redefine the landscape of gene therapy through groundbreaking innovation.

MAPAAV: A Multidisciplinary Breakthrough in Gene Therapy

Under the banner of the MAPAAV project, four pioneering companies - Viralgen Vector Core, S.L., Viralgen Commercial Therapeutic Vector Core, S.L., TAAV Biomanufacturing Solutions, S.L.U., and Quality Advanced Therapies Research, S.L. - unite forces to catalyst gene therapy into new horizons. Their collective expertise forms the bedrock of an internationally renowned ecosystem set to revolutionize the biotechnology sector.

The core objective of the MAPAAV project is the development of a high-performance analytical platform, integrating perse disciplines to ensure the safety, purity, and efficacy of Adeno-Associated Vectors (AAVs) for gene therapy. This multidimensional approach anticipates regulatory requirements and expedites the delivery of life-changing therapies to patients worldwide.

To achieve this goal, research will be conducted across various technological areas of the AAV production process, including upstream (USP), downstream (DSP), as well as meticulous quality control (QC)

The project's results will enable the generation of necessary knowledge across all technological areas of the process, facilitating the development of a new high-performance analytical platform. This platform will utilize orthogonal methods to comprehensively and robustly characterize a new generation of safer and more efficient AAV-dbDNA™️, based on the scientific evidence generated in this research.

Empowering Innovation with Substantial Investment

With a total budget of €5,101,470.65 allocated over three years, the MAPAAV project represents a significant investment in the future of gene therapy. The consortium members stand to receive a grant totaling €2,450,745.88, fueling their collaborative efforts to pioneer transformative advancements in the field.

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