September 19, 2022

Friday was a special day: we celebrated Viralgen's 5th anniversary! Five years ago, our project started. It has been an incredible time of success and growth.

Viralgen was created in 2017 in response to the unmet need for the manufacturing of gene therapies. Our goal was –and continues to be– to help broaden access to these life- saving therapeutics and contribute to health advancement and human welfare worldwide. With our work, effort, and commitment, we are transforming the lives of millions of people by making these treatments accessible to those affected by genetic diseases, who, until now, had no medical solutions.

Today we could not be more proud or excited to see how far we have come as a team and family. Figures speak for themselves:

  • 7 GMP production halls:
    • Three new 2000L for commercial production
      By 2022:
    • Three new 2000L for commercial production
    • +1 additional for clinical trial production
  • Employment growth: from 11 employees in September 2017 to 425 estimated at the end of 2022 (385 employees + 40 dual vocational training students)
  • 68 % of university graduates
  • 22 % PhD
  • 70 % women
  • 30 % men
  • 250 years of experience accredited in AAV
  • +70 million euros of investment (phase 1)

Five years ago, we started with a few, but now we are many, not only in numbers but also in talents and creativity. We could not have been where we are now without the constant support of all of you. We cannot thank you enough!

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