Corporate Social Responsibility

Since its foundation, Viralgen has had a strong emphasis towards Corporate Social Responsibility. A great proof of this can be seen from Viralgen’s overall objective and mission: to provide cures and access to these cures to people with genetic diseases.

Following this principle, Viralgen allocates a high percentage of its production to Columbus Children’s Foundation and Fundación Columbus.

These two foundations, which devote themselves to the development of cures for ultra-rare disorders, perform all the management to facilitate this benefit.

Social Integration, Inclusion and Assimilation

Viralgen has an employment program for people with rare diseases so that they can easily become incorporated to the team. (Viralgen is an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity and inclusion).

Currently, Viralgen has an employee who has suffered from a genetic condition, and with the opening of Viralgen’s Commercial facility, Viralgen aims to progressively incorporate more people with genetic diseases on a regular basis. To effectively meet this objective, Viralgen collaborates with Gureak, an organization that generates and manages stable job opportunities which are conveniently adapted to people with disabilities.

In this way, these employees and the rest of the staff are enriched in an integrative environment that deepens the human character, which distinguishes the organization.

Corporate Social Responsibility is a key component of Viralgen’s “DNA”. Viralgen was born as an organization with that specific purpose, and its goal is to strengthen it day by day, by being aware of the historical responsibility that comes with the extraordinary advances Viralgen is making.

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