The democratization of gene therapy

New manufacturing plant

01 Viralgen Commercial

EMA and FDA inspected

Viralgen Commercial is the next phase of our ambitious project established in 2017.

Once complete, it will be the largest Adeno-associated vectors - known as AAVs – manufacturing plant in the world for use in the treatment of diseases.

Large-scale manufacturing will allow Viralgen to supply the product beyond clinical trials. As a result, Viralgen Commercial democratizes access to gene therapy, both in volume and speed of production by increasing throughput and yield, while lowering costs of manufacturing.

Viralgen Commercial represents a historic advance for patients, science and medicine.

The new plant places Viralgen, the Basque Country, and Spain at the forefront of the sector worldwide.

Viralgen Commercial illustrates the power of scientific innovation when its focus is set on human impact. For patients, it symbolizes a leap forward in healing therapies and hope for a cure.

50M €
14k m²
3x2000 L
12k m²
Each Building

02 The new manufacturing plant

The building is made up of three blocks. It was designed to combine the best of current technology with the flexibility and scalability to adapt to the future of gene therapy as it evolves. It was also planned to integrate into the Technology Park in which it is built, the local area, and the surrounding forest.

The exterior envelope presents two different facades. One to the South, with an elevated position on the slope as a balcony with privileged views of the city. Another, with North orientation as an access facade. They create a powerful impression that appears "to levitate" on the slope.

04 Viralgen Commercial construction progress