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01About us

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Viralgen Vector Core is a partnership uniquely positioned in the CDMO industry to bring forward a robust suspension platform for AAV production in a facility custom-designed to bring therapies to market as quickly as possible.

Leveraging the technology platforms of Askbio, Viralgen is able to support every aspect of your AAV program from start to finish, including large-scale manufacturing, fill-finish, and quality control in a GMP-certified environment in San Sebastian, Spain.

02About AskBio

Asklepios BioPharmaceutical, Inc. (AskBio) was founded in 2003 by Richard Jude Samulski, PhD, and Sheila Mikhail in Chapel Hill, North Carolina to take advantage of the deep gene therapy resources in the Research Triangle Park area. AskBio has since set the standard for gene therapy clinical development including a deep portfolio of intellectual property in gene therapy for multiple disease and an advanced manufacturing process.

AskBio has established and formed industry alliances for multiple spin out companies and continues to pursue new gene therapy technologies and treatments. Among those spin out are NanoCor Therapeutics (partnered with Medtronics to develop treatment for heart failure), Chatham Therapeutics (sold to Baxter to develop hemophilia treatments), and Bamboo Therapeutics (sold to Pfizer to develop cures for rare neuromuscular diseases and muscular dystrophy).

03About Columbus Venture Partners

Columbus Venture Partners is a Spanish investment Management Company with an investment strategy focused on the early-stage and high growth opportunities of biotechnology, medical technology, pharmaceuticals and healthcare industries in Spain. Its team of professionals combines a solid scientific, medical and business knowledge with an extensive experience in the establishment and investment of companies to accelerate merchandising.

The Columbus investment team has more than 75 years of professional experience with venture capital investments in pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and invests through the COLUMBUS INNVIERTE Life Science Fund, FCR.


Javier García Cogorro

Chief Executive Officer

Has spent almost 30 years working in healthcare and the biopharmaceutical industry and has focused on life science venture capital investing since 2009, where he focuses on private company investments in the biopharmaceutical, life science and medical technology sectors. Mr. García received a Bachelor in Mathematics (Statistics and Operations Research) from Universidad Complutense of Madrid and a MBA from ICADE (Spain).

César Trigueros, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Doctor of Molecular Biology. Over 20 years of leadership experience in the field of biotechnology with special interest in gene therapy and immunology in both industry and academic settings.

Philippe Moullier, MD, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer Europe of Asklepios Biopharmaceutical (AskBio)

Joined Viralgen since May 2017 after working as collaborator of Bamboo Therapeutics from March 2015 through July 2016. Philippe Moullier was the founder and until Dec 2016, the Director of the research INSERM Unit UMR 1089 entitled « Translational Gene Therapy for Retinal and Neuromuscular Diseases » at the University of Nantes, France. In January 2018, Philippe Moullier was appointed as Chief Development Officer at Viralgen VC in San Sebastian, Spain, Philippe also serves as the Chief Scientif Officer for Askbio Europe. His dual appointments allow the reinforcement of the US-Spanish strategic partnership.

Andy Holt

Vice President, Business Development

Comes to Viralgen with more than a decade in biotech business development across the contract testing and manufacturing industries. He has worked with AAV companies bringing therapies to the clinic and market since 2008 and remains as passionate and awestruck about the power of this technolgy as he was when he first had a chance to be a part of it. A native of Atlanta, Georgia,he holds a BSc in Applied Biology from Georgia Tech and calls Raleigh North Carolina home.

Kontxi San Juan

Human Resources Director

Highly experienced lawyer specialized in People Management. Over the past 25 years she has worked on Team and Management Development and gained expertise in a variety of international companies dedicated to various fields including the financial, industrial, health, distribution and aeronautics industries. She also has a strong academic foundation: a degree in law and a master’s degree in human resources. After searching for a company committed to human development where challenges are available, Kontxi comes to Viralgen as Human Resources Director to contribute to the business growth.

05Past clients and clinical trial preps using Pro10™

Canavan disease UMDNJ
2003 | Canavan disease UMDNJ
DMD Children’s Hospital Ohio
2006 | DMD Children’s Hospital Ohio
Retinal neovascularization U of western Australia
2011 | Retinal neovascularization U of western Australia
Current: Hemophilia Multiple Sites
2013 | Current: Hemophilia Multiple Sites